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Camila Silveira explains that with the use of tools it is possible to increase performance in a planned and organized way

When it comes to engagement on social media, we soon think of ways to generate traffic and, often, this ends up masked by paid forms of boosting, but the great truth is that generating engagement goes far beyond paying for this strategy.  According to social media sales specialist Camila Silveira, it is possible to engage posts on the social network without spending money.

“Having knowledge of the free tools available in the applications tab that everyone can access can completely change your performance on social networks with a planned and organized work”, explains Camila.

According to the professional, associating ways to show the authority that wants to be sold with the best performance of the algorithm is the great secret for profitable digital growth.  The expert listed some fundamental applications and websites to perform this action:


“To build a post with a good presentation, the Canva application offers ready-made templates from the most varied areas where in the free version itself it is possible to make total changes to colors, brands and everything necessary to characterize your brand”.


Using Google as a general guide for subtitles is also an excellent solution for a quick targeting, remembering that initially addressing the pain that the client has in not even knowing your work, showing during the content in a simple way the ideal desire that is to live consuming the that it offers and finish making it very clear that you are the best solution, without a doubt it is the ideal way to connect in the writings of your post.  And it is very important to remember that posts with less than 4 words in the captions are not distributed with the same intensity on Instagram.

best-hashtags.com website

It is essential to use hashtags, the number of posts per minute has grown every day, which makes it necessary for me to direct this post to people who are interested in the subject I approach, and this must be done with great caution, because many people use many words that technically define their professions in hashtags, leading their posts to the most knowledgeable about their professions, that is, their competitors.

For this process to be done in a practical way, use the website best-hashtags.com that indicates by work areas and indicates the best of the day for each social network.


“The Manychat App is also something that should be included in your daily life for a magical effect of improving engagement with the same you will get during a live that people write a single word and are forwarded to the form of calls that you determine in settings ”.

Camila also recommends looking for a specialized professional for you or your company to rock social media.

“The most important thing is to seek support from advice for this part, because daily we are presented with new applications that can make all the difference in our results in an organic way and make the long-awaited engagement happen in a fulfilling way in sales for all entrepreneurs, for more tips”, she concludes.

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